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Posted by Dennis

Invisible Monsters Movie: Fan Concept Art

Fan Concept Art for an 'Invisible Monsters' movie.  Designed by Xander Davis.

Let me re-iterate our news headline here: Fan concept art.  Albeit, a very talented graphic designer of a fan named Xander Davis.  But nonetheless, this is unofficial concept art.  Still, it gets the juices flowing, eh?

With 'Choke' finished and hitting theaters on September 26th, the rumor mill is sure to start spinning again.  This could mean a jumpstart to some stalled Palahniuk projects, such as Invisible Monsters.

So let us imagine for a second, what a teaser poster for this insane story Chuck created, would look like.

And yes, that's Jessica Biel on that poster.

Props to Xander Davis for the design.  You can check out more of his work at: