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Posted by Dennis

Invisible Monsters Movie Announced?

Invisible Monsters by Chuck PalahniukThis may be nothing, but Invisible Monsters popped up on the IMDB last week here: This project has long been in development with newcomer Jesse Peyronel behind the helm as writer and director. Jesse had a lot of success with a short film before impressing Chuck Palahniuk and his agent with his screenplay adaptation of Invisible Monsters. In fact, Chuck was so impressed that he fully endorsed Jesse's optioning of the project for one year to try and raise the money for it. It was during this year that all the rumors started. The one that stuck the most was that Jessica Biel would be starring as Shannon. Then Parker Posey's name began popping up too. And pretty soon, even Miramax Films had entered the mix. But when the year was up, and the option ran out, it seemed Monsters was no closer to a greenlight.

Jessica Biel in Chuck Palahniuk's 'Invisible Monsters'?But Jesse was tenacious, and unlike previous entities that took an interest in adapting Chuck's work, he renewed his option and gave it another year. At this point, I sort of lost track of the project. Until this week, when it popped back up on my radar on the IMDB.

I can only assume two scenarios for why this happened. One, you're all going to like. The other, may bum you out a little.

1. Due to the Choke movie adaptation with Sam Rockwell, Jesse's Invisible Monsters project suddenly got some more heat, prompting nervous executives to get off their ass and finally get this thing into some sort of active development.


2. Due to the Choke movie adaptation, someone in the Invisible Monsters camp decided IMDB would finally accept Monsters as a legitimate 'announcement' on their page, and allowed the submission to go through. (this is how the IMDB works. they need some sort of proof before they'll allow something into their database. with smaller films, that proof is that the film screened in public somewhere. and with larger projects, they need some sort of legit media or connection that proves to them that the project is truly in development.)

Obviously, I'm praying that it's the first scenario. But I need more confirmation. We've been down this road before with Chuck's adaptations. At one time, it seemed almost impossible that Survivor wasn't going to go before cameras..... and then fast forward five years later and we're still waiting. And do you know when I received my confirmation that Choke was finally happening? It's when it actually began shooting.

So if anyone attached to this project would kindly contact me with some information, it would help. Trust me, if we could report on this production with complete accuracy, it will only insure you have a lot more fans paying attention, hence a lot more buzz.

In the meantime, for those of you who need more of your Invisible Monsters fix, check out our movie section on it here. It includes past news articles on the project, as well as an interview I conducted with Jesse Peyronel.

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