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Posted by Dennis

'Invisible Monsters' Is Finally Coming To Hardcover

'Invisible Monsters' Is Finally Coming To Hardcover

For several years now, there has been an underground movement to get Invisible Monsters released in hardcover.  Believe it or not, this beloved book of Chuck's is the only novel of his that was never released in this format.  At the time, this was Chuck's specific wish. Invisible Monsters (originally titled Manifesto) was written before Fight Club but was never originally allowed to see the light of day because his publishers rejected it, due to its disturbing content.  Rather than let this news set him back, Chuck did the opposite of what everyone expected and amped things up even further with Fight Club, which then ironically got published and become his "first" novel.  

Three years later in 1999, the same year Chuck published Survivor, he got to finally see the release of Invisible Monsters, as a slightly revised edition.  He then insisted that this novel only be released in paperback, as he hated the idea of charging his fans too much for it.  

Little did Chuck know that this would turn out to be, perhaps, his most universally loved novel. So it will come as no surprise that a few years later, in the early days of this website, a movement began to get Invisible Monsters re-released in hardcover.  The fans were demanding it.  We even started an online petition.

Well, last year I revisited this lightening-rod subject with Steve Colca, our very awesome contact at WW Norton (the publisher's who hold the rights to Chuck's first three novels).  And Steve dropped a major bit of news in my lap.  It seems that Norton was making a full court press to get Monsters finally released in hardcover.  At the time, he had this to say: "It's going to be pretty special...not just a new jacket. But those details are still coming together."  Upon hearing this, I wanted to race back to our website to report this news to you all, but Steve cautioned me to wait until everything was official.  And a year later, we can finally call it that.

Here is the latest update, straight from WW Norton, with full permission to post here on our site:

I'm happy to report that W. W. Norton & Company will publish the long-awaited hardcover edition of INVISIBLE MONSTERS by Chuck Palahniuk. Right now, the project is being called "Invisible Monsters: Re-Mixed" and will be done according to Chuck's early vision of the book. The estimated publication date is early in 2013, but there is a possibility it could arrive slightly before that. The Cult can stay informed on the project by visiting

You probably all just screamed upon reading the first three lines and then sighed, upon reading that publication date (2013).  But like it says, that date could change.  For now, let's just rejoice that we're living in a world where Invisible Monsters is getting a new hardcover edition.  

Go ahead and follow that link.  There's not much there right now, but you can bet that it will be updated soon with more news.  And there's a newsletter you can join too.  Everything else we know and find out, we'll be posting here.

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