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Posted by Dennis

Interview: TJ Miller, Star Of 'Cloverfield'

TJ Miller, of Cloverfield, interviewed by Jeff Tobin for!Continuing a string of shocking, daring and sexy twists (what, Dennis!?), we're going to break the mold today of how things have been done in the past by featuring our first non-author Interview on the site.  I spoke about this last month, and now the proof is here in the shape of a hysterical interview with TJ Miller.  TJ who? 

Let me put it this way: By now you've probably all seen Cloverfield.  If not, you at least recognize the poster to my right here.  Well, TJ Miller is the guy holding the camera the entire movie, who not only provides some much-needed comic relief, but also relates to the audience the best by reacting the way most of us would in a situation like that.

TJ is an actor and comedian.  He's also a writer and a filmmaker.  In short, he's the perfect first candidate to transition us off a history of just sticking to author pieces.  Jeff Tobin, our newest addition to the Cult journalist team, got a very fun, insightful interview out of him that had me laughing out loud at work a few times.  (not always a good thing). 

Read The TJ Miller Interview Here!