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Posted by Dennis

IMPORTANT: We Need Everyone To See CHOKE This Weekend!

Just like the news title says: We Need Everyone To See CHOKE This Weekend! If you planned on seeing it during the week, or even waiting to next weekend, or a couple weekends after that... don't.

We need you to see CHOKE this weekend. Now even. As soon as you're done with reading this, grab some friends, get your ticket, and head to the nearest theater showing it. (listings here)

The opening box office numbers for CHOKE might not mean much to you... but in the long-run, they'll mean a ton to the future life of other Chuck Palahniuk adaptations. 'Fight Club' was a box office failure, and did not make back, domestically, what it cost to make the film. As a result, we had to wait over eight years for our next Palahniuk adaptation.

So let's not let that happen again. Let's all make sure CHOKE hits a homerun this weekend. I'm sure that, with the Presidential Debate on last night, they took a hit in their Friday numbers. So let's make up for that today and tomorrow.

I know I'm talking to thousands of you here. And every one of you can make a difference. But it has to be THIS weekend.

Go see CHOKE now. Consider this a homework assignment from Chuck Palahniuk... the real Tyler Durden.