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Posted by Dennis

Happy Birthday, Chuck!

Let's all wish the big guy a Happy Birthday today.  Rather then say his age, I'll just tell ya that he was born in 1962 and let you do the math.  ;)

So, in keeping with Chuck's spirit; rather then make this thread all about him.... (after all, how much fun is it really seeing a bunch of people just type the words 'Happy Birthday'?) let's instead hear you describe the best birthday gift you ever received.

I'll start.  When I turned 21, I happened to be interning for a film company in Manhattan.  The director at the time was someone I respected, yet didn't get to talk to much in the office.  Well, he found out it was my birthday and invited me to the bar he tended at after work.  He then bought me my first 'legal' beer while I sat at the bar.  Granted, it was just a beer.  But I remember how great I felt suddenly.  The moment somehow represented a turning point for me.  I was on the cusp of starting to chase my dreams.  I was ambitous.  Hungry for my future. And that fire burns even stronger now... ten years later.

So for me, that pint of beer was my best birthday gift so far.