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Posted by Dennis

'Fight Club' Tshirts: New Model Pics Posted!

'Fight Club' 10th Anniversary Tshirts - Now Selling!

Our brand new 10th Anniversary Fight Club Tshirts are now shipping!  If you haven't yet placed your order for one of these amazing shirts...

Order Your 'Fight Club' Tshirt Today!

Many of you were holding off on your orders until we had some modeling shots to show you.  Well, as of last week, I got some friends together and we took about 400 pictures of them wearing the 'Fight Club' shirts.  To see some of the best pics we captured, check out our Fight Club Tshirt gallery!  We purposely photographed people with different body types, so you can get a full idea of how the shirts will look on you.

'Fight Club' 10th Anniversary Tshirts - Now Selling!

Also don't forget that we are co-promoting the sale of these awesome Tshirts with the limited edition posters that the designer, Kevin Tong, has put together.  The design features the high-rez image from the shirts, which you can see below.  These posters are selling out quick, and there will not be another run of them.  The poster is hand screen printed, four colors, on 18 x 24 inch Cornflower Blue 100 lb Cover Paper in a limited edition of 200. It costs $30.  For more details as well as pictures of the poster:

Order Your Limited Edition 'Fight Club' Poster Here!

Unfortunately, the t-shirt and the poster must be ordered separately as they ship from different locations.


Some more details about the shirts:

  • They are brand called Next Level Apparel.  (they fit much like American Apparel)
  • We offer them in both Mens and Womens.
  • The Mens come in Cornflower Blue and Cream.
  • The Womens come in Cornflower Blue only (for now).
  • We offer all sizes from Small up to 2XL.
  • There is no back design.

For any other questions, please contact and either Mirka or I will get back to you as soon as we can.

'Fight Club' 10th Anniversary Tshirts - Now Selling!

Order Your 'Fight Club' Shirt Here!

Combo Deals!

One last thing I want to mention is these new combo deals we're offering for the first time.  Quite simply, if you purchase your 'Fight Club' Tshirt along with another item in our Store, you'll save $10 off your total.

Currently, we are offering combo deals for the 'Fight Club' Tshirt along with our Chuck Palahniuk Documentary DVD, or you can choose to purchase it along with an Annual Premium Membership.   We're also offering deals on our Choke and Survivor shirts, along with the Chuck Palahniuk Docuementary DVD, and with that combo, you'll save $11.

You'll see these deals offering in our Store page.  We may offer more soon, but for now, take advantage of these great deals.

'Fight Club' 10th Anniversary Tshirts - Now Selling!

Check Out Our Discount Combo Deals

That's it!  Get your orders in and we'll ship them out within one week!