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Posted by Dennis

Fight Club T-Shirts Are Finally Here!

Pre-Order your 'Fight Club' T-shirt today!

For years we've been offering Tshirts on this website for all of Chuck Palahniuk's books.  You have demanded them and we have delivered.  But strangely, the one shirt we never made was a Fight Club shirt.

Well, that all changes today.  In honor of the 10 year anniversary of the movie Fight Club, as well as the 10 year anniversary of (yes, it's been that long!), we are finally offering you the shirts you've been wanting for years!  But this time we took things up a notch.  We wanted this shirt to look different than the rest.  We wanted it to not just feel like a 'Fight Club' movie shirt, but also channel the book.  So we wanted a design that was balanced.  Something hot.  Something you'd wear out and not feel like too much of a fanboy.  ;)

Order Your 'Fight Club' Shirt Here!

The Design

To achieve this design, we hired one of my favorite L.A. designers, Kevin Tong.  Kevin was given nothing more than a loose concept to work with.  And with that, he went to work and hit the ball out of the park.

High-rez close-up of the 'Fight Club' Tshirt design.

Click here for a high-rez close-up of his Fight Club shirt design.

Kevin has been stacking up quite the impressive portfolio for the past few years.  He's made a name for himself by creating numerous screen printed posters for exceptional bands.

Check out more of Kevin Tong's work here!

Information About The Shirts

The shirts are being printed now, but they will begin shipping on Thursday, October 22nd.  Currently, they are being printed.  For this reason, we do not yet have model shots yet.  But rest assured, I have already hired a photographer and in a couple of weeks I will be taking some modeling shots with friends so that you can see how the printed shirt will look on someone.

Because the shirts will not ship until October 22nd, please note that this is a pre-order sale.  This means you will not get your shirts until after October 22nd.  Also understand that we are a total "mom and pop" operation here.  Mirka is the Mom.  I'm the Pop.  This means that all of the ordering, inventory handling, T-shirt folding, order processing, post office trips and more... all of that gets done by just two people.  But I'd be remiss if I didn't also mention 'Uncle Kirk'.  It was Kirk that pushed Mirka and I to hire a designer.  He was also the one that placed our ad on B3's which led to us finding Kevin.  So we all owe him some gratitude for that.

'Fight Club' Tshirt on - Light Blue 'Fight Club' Tshirt on - Cream

Click each thumbnail for a larger rez image

Some more details about the shirts:

  • They are brand called Alternative Apparel.  (they fit much like American Apparel)
  • We are offering them in both Mens and Womens.
  • The Mens come in Light Blue and Cream.
  • The Womens come in Light Blue only.
  • We offer all sizes from Small up to 2XL.
  • There is no back design.

For any other questions, please contact and either Mirka or I will get back to you as soon as we can.

Order Your 'Fight Club' Shirt Here!

Combo Deals!

One last thing I want to mention is these new combo deals we're offering for the first time.  Quite simply, if you purchase your 'Fight Club' Tshirt along with another item in our Store, you'll save $10 off your total

Currently, we are offering combo deals for the 'Fight Club' Tshirt along with our Chuck Palahniuk Documentary DVD, or you can choose to purchase it along with an Annual Premium Membership. 

You'll see these deals offering in our Store page.  We may offer more soon, but for now, take advantage of these great deals.

That's it!  Get your orders in and we'll start shipping your shirts October 22nd!

Order Your 'Fight Club' Shirt Here!