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Posted by Dennis

'Fight Club' Referenced In Two Major TV Shows Last Night

'Fight Club' referenced on CSI and Criminal Minds

This is becoming more and more a part of our pop culture.  So I tend to not always report about it.  But then again, every now and then, it's just fun to mention:

I was watching CBS tonight and there were Fight Club references in both CSI and Criminal Minds. In CSI a joke was made referencing the first rule of Fight Club. Three girls are in a diet club and a joke is made saying "the first rule of diet club is you don't talk about diet club". I thought this was pretty funny. In Criminal Minds there was a fight club that the killer belonged to. The FBI goes to this fight club while a fight is going on and breaks it up and interviews one member. This member goes on to say that at Fight Club there are no names only nick names.  I thought it was really cool that 2 separates shows both had Fight Club references in them on the same night of television..Feel free to pass this info on

Props to  Andy Ponti for the scoop.