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Posted by Dennis

'Fight Club' Grindhouse Poster!

Grindhouse 'Fight Club' poster, designed by Liam Carl

Check out this awesome grindhouse-style poster for Fight Club.  This was designed by Liam Carl.  You can check out more of Liam's work at his official site:

In our 11 years online, fans of sent us a ton of artwork, but since the 'grindhouse' craze is still relatively new, I think this is actually the first time anyone has ever taken one of Chuck's novel/movies and whipped something like this up... and we love it, and want more!

So if you want to create your own 'grindhouse' version of one of Chuck's books or movies, send it as an email here, and be sure to include it as a .jpg or gif, along with your name and how you'd like to be credited.  The best ones will be included in our Gallery.