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Posted by Dennis

'Fight Club' Easter Egg In David Fincher's 'The Social Network'

Tyler Durden easter egg in 'The Social Network'

Yesterday I had a chance to go see David Fincher's new film The Social Network.  And yes, I loved it.  Not at first.  But about a few hours later, I found I couldn't shake the film.  I kept replaying the scenes over and over in my head.  And now, I'm ready to see it again already.  But this isn't a review of that fine film, no.  Rather, it's just one more example of how Fight Club lives on for all of us, and perhaps most notably... in its director's heart.

You might remember a scene where Mark Zuckerberg (played brilliantly by Jesse Eisenberg) is half-assedly doing some school work by posting pieces of art under a fake Facebook account and asking fellow students to comment on them, so he can then use their feedback in his assignment.  Well, if you look closely at the fake account he's registered, you'll realize that it's registered to none other then.... Tyler Durden!

I didn't catch this myself.  For that, I have to credit SlashFilm as the source.  But I'll be sure to watch this scene more closely when I see the film again.  For now, just thought you all should know... Project Mayhem lives on.