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Posted by Dennis

Fan Artwork: Fight Club, Snuff & Pygmy Dust Jackets

Over the years we've received some great Chuck Palahniuk inspired artwork from fans. Banners, portraits, and of course book covers.  But it's the fans that go the extra mile and actually design the entire dust jacket of their favorite Palahniuk book, that light me up.  Here are three by Ben Perry, as well as an explanation from the designer below.

'Fight Club' fan-made dust jacket by Ben Perry

'Snuff' fan-made dust jacket by Ben Perry

'Pygmy' fan-made dust jacket by Ben Perry

And now a word from the designer, Ben Perry:

I'm in design school and one of my assignments was to create a book cover series. With Chuck Palahniuk being my favorite author, it was an easy decision where to start.  The three books I chose were Pygmy, Snuff, and Fight Club. I chose a repeated image to represent Chuck's rhythmic style of writing and the repetition that he uses in most of his books.  The objects I drew were the main characters' "keys" to getting what they desired:  A glass eye in Pygmy to get through the security, the clipboard in Snuff which had the list of numbers being called to get in for a video session, and a penguin in Fight Club symbolizing the key to rest and relaxation.

To see all of our dust jackets in one place, check out our Fan Gallery.

And if you'd like to submit your own designs, please send them to