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Posted by Dennis

Fake Criterions: 'Fight Club'

How the hell have none of you tried something like this before?  For as long as it became 'a thing,' I've been a fan of the fake Criterion covers fans have designed.  Not only are many of them hysterical (one of my favorites being Days of Thunder), but some of the artwork is damn good and clearly tops the shitty, uninspired DVD covers studios sleepwalk through.  (example: Scott Pilgrim vs. Scott Pilgrim).  These fans could be working for Criterion with these skills.

But alas, I've never seen a fake Criterion for Fight Club.  Until now...

 'Fight Club'

This was designed by S. L. Jackson.  Here's what he had to say about the design:

I was inspired to create this image by the unique DVD covers that the Criterion Collection gives to their releases, many of them reflecting on the tone of the films they were made for. Hopefully, my non-Criterion Criterion cover reflects on the gritty narrative and themes of Fight Club. It was created using Microsoft Publisher 2007.

I hope this kicks off a wave of more people submitting their own faux Criterion Collection covers for 'Fight Club.'  If so, send them to us at and we'll make an entire photo album out of them in our Gallery.

And for more awesome fun, check out Fake Criterions on Tumblr.  I'm addicted to it.