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Posted by Dennis

Exclusive! 'Invisible Monsters' Remix Book Cover

'Invisible Monsters' Remix Book Cover

Update: I spoke with WW Norton a little more about this project and was able to get the following details about what will be different about this version of the book.

"Injected with new material and special design elements, Invisible Monsters Remix fulfills Chuck Palahniuk's original vision for his 1999 novel, turning a daring satire on beauty and the fashion industry into an even more wildly unique reading experience. Laced in are new chapters of memoir and further scenes with the book's characters. Readers will jump between chapters, reread the book to understand the dissolve between fiction and fact, and decipher the playful book design."

Several months back we dropped some pretty huge news on you all when it was announced that Invisible Monsters would not only be re-released as a hardcover, but that it would be an updated 'remixed' version of the novel.  For those in the know, Monsters is the only book of Chuck's that was never originally released in a hardcover format.  That all changes next June 2012 when Norton will release this new version.  And today we have an exclusive first look at the cover.

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'Invisible Monsters' remix cover

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Here are some words behind the team that put this all together:


Norton's Art Director, Ingsu Liu: 
Invisible Monsters is a wild, witty, poignant and exhilarating rocket ride of a read so I was quite excited to see that we'll be publishing the Remix edition with new materials. The author had the fantastic idea of designing the whole book to play off fashion magazines which helps to set the jacket direction.

I had fun packaging the original paperback cover with Rodrigo, it is great fun to do so again here with the Remix edition.

Designer, Rodrigo Corral (

Invisible Monsters is a fan favorite, as proven by the release of this amazing story in hardcover. The success of his writing is demonstrated by the grotesque imagery brought to mind while reading this book and the cover is a reflection of exactly that. The image I chose is both an expression of how I see the main character as well as how she sees herself. As the entry into the rabbit hole of this book, the cover is meant to give a taste of what's to come.

Official Publication Date: June 11, 2012
Short copy: For the first time in hardcover, an expanded, radically refashioned "director's cut" of a favorite Chuck Palahniuk novel.
The cover will start appearing online around November.  Till then, enjoy!

 Pre-Order the 'Invisible Monsters' Remix Today!