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Posted by Dennis

Dress Up For The 'Pygmy Tour And Receive Prizes From Chuck!

Chuck has a personal request for you all today, about the upcoming 'Pygmy' tour.

Pre-Order 'Pygmy' today!Notice Regarding the 2009 Book Tour for Pygmy:

Wear a Costume, Get a Prize.  At this spring’s book events for Pygmy, I’ll be looking for people who attend wearing the native costumes of Model United Nation delegates.  Yeah, just like the scene in Chapter Thirteen of the new book.  If you have a kilt – wear it.  Or, wear a kimono, a toga, dashiki, lederhosen, sarong, sari, grass skirt, burka… you get the idea.  Don’t let good taste or political correctness limit you.  I’ll reward the first fifty costumed delegates with prizes.  I’m still grateful to everyone who attended the Rant book events dressed as brides; you helped to make those evenings so much more spectacular.  So, if you have Cossack costumes, French mime costumes, Basque shepherd gear, Mexican serapes, American cowboy stuff – wear it, and win.  Again, the first fifty at each event get the goodies.  Don’t let your dignity stop you from having a good time, and I won’t feel like such a freak, myself. 

    Thank You,
    Chuck Palahniuk

Tour Dates Here!

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