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Posted by Dennis

Did Chuck Palahniuk's 'Guts' Inspire A Scene In The 'New Final Destination' Movie?

Did Chuck Palahniuk inspire a scene in the new film "The Final Destination"?I'm not sure what took me so long to post something about this.  People have been discussing it on our message board, and it's popping up all over our Twitter page.  In the new 3D horror movie The Final Destination, there is a scene where one of the characters gets his ass stuck to a pool drain.  Obviously, this is very reminiscent of the infamous story Chuck Palahniuk wrote for his 2005 short story novel Haunted, entitled Guts.  

Now, I have not yet seen The Final Destination, but I seriously want to.  I have friends who have checked it out that say it's goofy yes, but thoroughly entertaining and delivers on all its 3D gags.  Yet, even though I haven't seen it, you may be surprised to hear that I actually worked on it in some capacity -- if you count doing a 4 month internship for the production company that produced it, manning the desk and screwing up phone banking, then yes... I guess I worked on it.  Lol.  

During that time, I read the script through a few drafts and incarnations.  So unless they changed something last minute... I know how this scene turns out... and it might surprise you.  But I won't say anymore, as I don't want to give any SPOILERS.

Suffice to say, you should go see this movie.  The script was a blast, and more people should be encouraged to make good 3D horror films (not to mention, be inspired by the likes of Chucky P.)

*The above picture, by the way, was taken from Abram Saur Online.