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Posted by Dennis

Dark Horse Comics To Publish 10 Issue Series of FIGHT CLUB 2!

Exclusive FIGHT CLUB 2 cover art, by David Mack

Huge Comic-Con news today. We can finally announce that the long-awaited FIGHT CLUB graphic novel has found a home. Dark Horse Comics will publish the comic as a 10 issue maxiseries. It will be written by Chuck himself and illustrated by Cameron Stewart. Cameron is an Eisner Award winning artist most famous for his work on Catwoman, Batman and Robin, Seaguy, and The Other Side. Handling cover art duties will be David Mack, a long-time friend of Chuck's and the awesome artist behind the popular Kabuki series. The first issue will debut April 8th, 2015!

USA Today broke the story of the collaboration today. You can read the full article online today! (The in-print version will be available tomorrow, Tuesday July 22nd.)

Dark Horse ComicsMore on the plot of FIGHT CLUB 2 from USA Today:

Fight Club 2 takes place alternately in the future and the past. It picks up a decade after the ending of his original book, where the protagonist is married to equally problematic Marla Singer and has a 9-year-old son named Junior, though the narrator is failing his son in the same way his dad failed him.

At the same time, Palahniuk says readers will have an idea of Tyler's true origins. "Tyler is something that maybe has been around for centuries and is not just this aberration that's popped into his mind."

To celebrate this awesome news, Dark Horse Editor in Chief, Scott Allie, will join illustrator Cameron Stewart, cover artist David Mack, director David Fincher, Random House editor Gerry Howard, moderator Rick Kleffel and of course, Chuck Palahniuk, on a panel Saturday night, July 26th at 7pm called 'FIGHT CLUB: From Page To Screen and Beyond."

More information about this panel, as well as Chuck's signings can be found here:

UPDATE! A new panel as well as a signing at the Dark Horse Comics booth just got added to Sunday's schedule!

Sunday, July 27 – San Diego

12:00 Noon to 1:00pm
Dark Horse panel with Chuck Palahniuk, Cameron Stewart, David Mack and Scott Allie
Dark Horse Builds Characters: Tomorrow's Comics Today
Room: 24ABC 

1:15 to 3:30pm
Dark Horse booth signing with Chuck Palahniuk, Cameron Stewart and David Mack
Dark Horse Booth #2615

Between these two events, the panel Saturday night, and Chuck's Beautiful You signings at the Random House booth, it's safe to say that, if you're a fan of Chuck Palahniuk this is going to be the best week of your year!