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Posted by Dennis

'Damned' Gets A Release Date On!

Chuck Palahniuk, photographed by Chris Chapman

Chuck's next novel, Damned, will be released by Random House on September 6, 2011!  The release date just popped up on Amazon last week.  There is no pre-order or cover art yet, but you can keep an eye on things at this link.  For those of you who don't know anything yet about this upcoming novel, here's a quick summary from Chuck that he gave during a recent interview with Suicide Girls:

So Damned is about an eleven-year old girl who wakes up basically and finds that she is in hell and that she's dead, and that she's going to be eleven-years old and dead in hell for the rest of eternity. So she has to, number one, make friends and figure out how hell works and make the best of it. But she's also got to figure out why she's in hell and how she died, and then ultimately whether or not she wants to petition to go to heaven, to try and uncover some mistake that might have been made. So it's about an eleven-year old, a very optimistic, cheerful, pushy little girl who finds herself in hell.

Chuck had a little more to say about Damned in his Q&A with Random House, while promoting Tell-All:

My next novel, the one for 2011 -- argh, my life is so mapped out -- is a novel called Damned about an eleven-year-old girl who finds herself in Hell and learns how to manipulate the corrupt system of demons and bodily fluids. Imagine if The Shawshank Redemption had a baby by The Lovely Bones and it was raised by Judy Blume, and you have my next new project.  It's so frustrating when this girl, Madison, realizes that she'll never grow up and become an adult... and believe me, I know just how she feels.  Each new day, I look at my chest in the bathroom mirror, sideways, and hope it's grown. 

Maybe if they could invent a 3-D mirror...

Keep an eye on our section for Damned for more updates as they come in.  And as always, email us if you hear anything first.

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