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Posted by mirka

Craig Clevenger Returns With Not One Shotgun, But Two..

The fireworks aren't over just yet! It's my pleasure to announce that Craig Clevenger's  second short story (an excerpt  from his forthcoming novel Saint Heretic) is now live.

Read subcarrier here!

Now watch those eyebrows and fingers, so you don't get hurt when you absorb this fireworks finale; Craig Clevenger will be returning to the site in a new capacity, as the first visiting author for our new 'Authors in Residence' series that we are unveiling this year.

This is different from previous Master Intensive Workshops, as it is not lecture and homework based, but more of a classroom creative writing course.  A two week 'Shotgun' Intensive to focus on the material that you, the student, are working on.

To ensure personal attention and an intimate classroom style setting, both Shotgun Intensives will be limited to only 15 Students. But don't worry, there are two to choose from! 

The dates for 2009 are:

Monday, July 20th through Monday, August 3rd
Monday, September 14th, through Monday, September 28

Yes, that's correct.  Each class is 15 days.  As usual, Craig is reinventing language in such a way that two weeks now means 15 days.


  • Craig asked that students submit two pieces of work (2000-3000 maximum) so he can familiarize himself with your work and hit the ground running the first day of the class.
  • There will be two conference calls each week with Craig to discuss your work with you and field any questions.
  • Craig will be addressing student's individual projects rather than instructing in a  lecture style format. ...Working on a novel, want to develop characters more fully,  unable to end a story? Bring it on!
  • Each Shotgun is limited to 15 students to ensure individual attention

Registration will open for both classes next Monday, July 13 at 10:00 AM PST.

You are allowed to sign up for both!

Registration is open to everyone. It is not based on writing  samples.

Writing samples must be submitted to me within 24 hours of registration so I can forward them to Craig in a timely manner.

What's the cost for this opportunity to study with Craig Clevenger for two weeks in this intimate, and personal Shotgun Intensive:  It's only $250 with special discounts as always to our premium members.  Premium members will receive a courtesy discount of $25.

There is also an additional 'Early Bird' discount of $25 for registrations from July 13 through July 15!

Happy reading and we'll post the registration link next week!