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Posted by Mark Vanderpool

Craig Clevenger Returns To The Cult!


Around this time last year we hosted one of our most popular writing intensives ever: 

The Contortionist’s Hotseat with author Craig Clevenger

Craig presented extensive lectures that ran into the thousands of words but were consistently engaging and a pleasure to read in every way… each lecture charged with wisdom, experience, and insight into the writer’s craft, and carried along by the energy and wit of an author who practices what he preaches.

What’s more… each of Craig’s lectures provided a handful of unique and specific tools that function together as an interlocking set.  Students got the experience of putting together a sort of toolbox of functional ideas that work together systematically to strengthen your prose… yet without dictating the subtle nuances of voice or style.

Why this should matter to you… is that we finally have an opportunity to offer a second chance for anyone who missed Craig’s class last year.  For a class that sold out in a record-setting 48 hours from the first announcement--and left a substantial waiting list behind--it just seems like the right thing to do.  That’s why we’re serving up…

The Hotseat Reloaded!
A six-week writing intensive from April 1st through May 13th, 2008


Register Today for The Hotseat Reloaded !

The celebrated author of The Contortionist’s Handbook and Dermaphoria will divide his spring schedule between his new work-in-progress and… you.

You’ll get everything that was offered in last year’s class and more…

But first… don’t simply take my word for it…

Here’s what some of last year’s participants had to say:

"Clevenger's Intensive exceeded my (impossibly high) expectations; I have learned everything I hoped to and much more. I will be poring over written lectures as entertaining and at least as informative as his fiction until every useful morsel is burned into my brain. Extensive (and brutally honest) peer reviewing and critiques from Clevenger himself have really helped me to step up my craft and polish my stories. I've met brilliant writers here who I hope to keep in touch with. You just can't get a learning experience like this anywhere else. For me, it was everything that college was not."
- Casey F., Washburn, WI, USA

"For someone struggling inside his own head to figure out how a story works, the Craig Clevenger intensive delivered on every level. Where else are you going to get unfiltered access to the lessons and personalized critique of not only a published author, but a published author you respect? Who could you learn from best, someone who has a lifetime of theory and no practice; or someone who followed their passion, made it work, and created something new and purely theirs? If you missed the Craig Clevenger intensive, you missed an incredible learning experience. Don't miss the next one!"
- Dave H., Dublin, Ireland

"This intensive has been a turning point for my writing. A price cannot be put on the knowledge and confidence I've come away with."
- Gary L., Middletown, CT

"The Will Christopher Baer and Craig Clevenger Intensives provided me with an array of tools to hone and enhance my writing skills. Each week of both workshops were an inside look at not only the common problem areas of writing, but also the mechanics that make up an effective, solid story."
-Chris D., Boston, USA

Who should sign up for this class?

While this class is ideally suited for those who missed it last time, we anticipate that some former students will choose to participate.  You should know that…

In addition to the six killer lectures and two full-scale librotopsies (book dissections) we looked at last time, Craig will be offering some cool modifications on last year’s assignments.  In particular, you might recall that we had no assignment in Week 5 last year, and took a small break instead. 

For this year, Craig will be adding a Week 5 assignment that will be specifically designed based on his diagnoses of all student work presented during the first four weeks.

What this means for you… is a custom-designed assignment based on careful analysis and insight into what your writing most needs.  This, for you, in addition to all the great tools presented in last year’s class and a second chance to sharpen and use them.

So what you’re getting includes:

  • Six extensive lectures from a master of the craft
  • Five exclusive and matching assignments
  • One additional assignment that isn’t written yet, but will be tailor-made based upon class needs
  • A limited class size designed to balance peer feedback and interaction with a maximum amount of individual attention from the instructor
  • Six weeks of access and the opportunity to get your questions answered  by a top-notch working artist and ‘Cult-favorite’ published author
  • Reviews and feedback on your work from both instructor and fellow students--and we draw very smart, insightful and talented aspiring authors to add to the “brain pool” that will support you in your creative work.

Don’t delay.  Register Today for The Hotseat Reloaded !

A six-week writing intensive with author Craig Clevenger…
starting from April 1st through May 13th 2008.

Early Registration Discount valid through March 27, 2008.