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Posted by Dennis

Chuck's Plans For The 2009 Workshop

Chuck Palahniuk wants to publish your writing in 2009!

Greetings, all!  2009 is officially underway, so I wanted to take a little more time to hone down and elaborate on Chuck's wonderful post from January 2nd.  There's a lot to digest there, and while Chuck got to the meat and potatoes of it, he didn't quite explain all the other amazing things that were featured on the dish.

First though, let's revisit those big bullet points again, just so I'm sure you all understand exactly what is happening here:

  • In early February, we are unveiling a new version of the website
  • This site will feature a brand new Writer's Workshop.  This is not our old Workshop with some added bells and whistles.  Rather, this is a completely updated Workshop, with a whole new interface. 
  • Starting in February of 2009, we will be selecting approximately five Workshop submissions each month that will then be sent to Chuck Palahniuk.
  • Chuck will read your work, review your work, and best of all, suggest ways to improve your work.
  • Then, at the end of the year, Chuck and the editors on our site, will select the best stories of that year, to be published in an Anthology for 2010.
  • The Anthology will include an Introduction by Chuck, and he will even go so far as to seek out and fund the publication of this book.

Now, I want you all to take that in for a moment.  This is an unprecedented opportunity for writers, the likes of which have never been matched before.  A best-selling author is not only going to possibly read your original work, but is also going to help you improve upon it, and even help you get it published! 

Hopefully, you all don't need me to tell you that, anything with Chuck's name on it at this point, will not only be seen by millions of people, but will probably sell quite well.  This is a tremendous chance of exposure for you writers out there, but more importantly, it's a chance to put yourself out there... take a chance... and possibly determine your career, by doing what you love.  Finally.

I'm an independent filmmaker.  It's all I want to do in the world.  But like many of you reading this, with your writing, I'm stuck in the trenches right now.  If I had the equivalent opportunity to do something like this with my writing and directing, nothing on Earth would stop me from taking that dive.

Chuck has some other huge secrets up his sleeve.  He plans to do quite a lot with the selected Anthology writers.  But he wants to reveal these other surprises gradually, throughout the year.

For now, please review a summary of what our site is offering right now, so that you may understand how important it is to act now and sign up for Premium Membership.

  • For a total of three years now, Chuck has participated with our Writer's Workshop by submiting craft essays to the site.  These essays served as lessons on writing, from his own personal toolbox of tips and how-to's.   The experience and instruction included in these essays easily surpasses what you would learn in a $24,000 MFA program.  
  • Currently, all 36 of these essays are available in our Workshop, for Premium Members only.
  • Premium Membership not only gets you access to these crucial lessons from Chuck, but also enters you into our Writer's Workshop, a unique experience to submit your writing and have it read and reviewed by your peers
  • Our Writer's Workshop was created in 2003.  Since then, it has evolved into a place where independent novelists, poets, screenwriters and essayists, come to improve upon their craft.  Many of our writers have gone on to become published, and look back at their experience in our shops as a pivotal time in their writing lives.
  • Premium Membership in 2009 enrolls you into our Writer's Workshop and not only grants you access to all 36 craft essays from Chuck Palahniuk, but also his monthly Q&As with writers, his Homework Assignments, and of course, the Workshop experience itself. 

So if you have been waiting to jumpstart your writing again, or for the first time, don't wait any longer.  This is the bell of opportunity that you've been waiting for.

Our current Workshop is open, but any submissions you make there will be erased come early February, 2009.  So if you have joined the Workshop recently, or are planning to today, you can use this time to brush up on Chuck's lessons by reading through his essays.

You can also use this thread to post any questions or comments you have about this all, and our amazing crew will do their best to answer them.

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