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Posted by Dennis

Chuck's March Feedback Of Workshop Submissions

Chuck Palahniuk reads and reviews your original stories! (photo by John Gress)

Today we unveil the next five stories that were selected from our Workshop in March and sent to Chuck.  Wait... sent to Chuck?  You mean best selling author Chuck Palahniuk actually reads original stories by his fans?  Why, yes!  Where the hell have you been?  Okay, maybe you need a recap.

For 2009, Chuck Palahniuk has decided he wants to take our Writers' Workshop up a notch. In previous years, Chuck provided monthly craft essays to help writers improve their work with trusted methods and tools he applied to his own writing.  This year, Chuck wants us to select five stories every month and email them to him.  He will then read and critique the stories, providing feedback on what works and what doesn't work.  Then, at the end of the year, Chuck will be selecting the best stories from the year and will work to have them published in an anthology that he's paying for.  He's even going to write the foreword for it! 

Due to this announcement in January, activity on our Writers' Workshop has blown up.  We now receive over 100 stories a month from talented up and coming writers.  Everything from shorts, to novel excerpts to even poetry and screenplays.  (*Note:  Chuck only accepts fiction for the Anthology).

This month, Chuck announced the awesome news that, he's having so much fun participating in this process, that he now wants to read and review six stories each month!   So for the May selections, six will be chosen and sent to Chuck in June, to which they'll then be read and reviewed in June.

For today, we are unveiling the five stories that were selected for March:

Congratulations to our selected writers!  Workshop Members can click each link above to read detailed feedback from Chuck on the stories.  I personally read all the selected stories last month and I have to say, the caliber and talent we're seeing is very inspiring.  This Anthology is going to kick ass!

For those of you scratching at the surface, wondering how you can get involved in this... you have to join our Writers Workshop.  That means simply becoming a Premium Member on our site.  This is the only thing we charge for on our site.  For only $39.95 for the year, you're getting an opportunity to have your work published in an anthology.  (Chuck thinks he already has a publisher lined up actually).  Furthermore, you're joining a community where your work will be reviewed by your peers before the selection process. 

Similar to sites like Zoetrope, Project Greenlight and Trigger Street, our Writers Workshop enables you to rate and review other peoples work, upload your own work, create a profile, and delve into pages and pages of helpful writing resources, essays, and FAQs.  This is the site where readers come to write.

So what the hell are you waiting for already? 

Join The Workshop!