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Posted by vigorous puppy

Chuck's Feedback on the December Workshop Anthology Finalists!

Chuck's Feedback on the December Workshop Anthology Finalists!

We're so close to the big wrap-up on on Chuck's reviews of our top workshop stories! I've got his incisive and helpful December feedback for you below, and only one more month to go before we shift gears completely to the next phase and put this anthology into print. Congratulations to all the finalists. For the protection of their work, these stories are made available to Workshop Members only. If you're a member, you may click inside and read these at your leisure. You'll find loads of great lessons on the writer's craft within. So read on.

The finalists include:

Love in Standard Definition - Fred Venturini

Overboard - Peter Bentzen

Tatterdemalion Peregrination - Adam Daniel Joseph

Chasing Ghosts (revision) - Richard Thomas

All In - Kasey Carpenter

Things Falling Apart - Blake Gentry

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