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Posted by Dennis

Chuck's February Feedback Of Workshop Submissions

Chuck Palahniuk reads and reviews your original stories! (photo by John Gress)

Remember earlier this year when we unveiled the awesome news that, not only would Chuck Palahniuk be reading five original fan stories every month, submitted via our Workshop, but that he'd also be critiquing each story and providing invaluable feedback? And remember when we also said that at the end of the year, Chuck would choose his favorite stories and publish them in an anthology on his dime? Well yeah, all that's happening right now. Chuck may have already even found a publisher for the project. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

First, we have Chuck's story critiques on the five February selections that were sent his way last month.

*You'll need to be a Premium Member to view this page.

Premium Membership is what allows you to join our unique Writers' Workshop AND participate in this amazing opportunity.  Once you have this Membership, you are eligible to be selected to have your work read by Chuck, and possibly even included in this ground-breaking Anthology next year. 

Still not convinced this is worth it?  Well, let us alleviate any hesitation you may have. Mark Vanderpool, our diligent Workshop Administrator, has graciously allowed an excerpt of his selected story to be published on the site for all members to see.  Not only that, but it also includes the direct criticism and feedback Chuck gave it last month.

Read Mark's story.  Then scroll down further to read Chuck's criticism of the story.  And if you're still not convinced, then frankly, you're nuts.

This is an opportunity unlike any other you may be given for your dreams of becoming a published writer.  I can liken it to Radiohead asking fans of theirs who are in bands, to submit demo tapes to them that they would then listen to, provide helpful feedback on, and then, if they liked it... they would produce, mix and distribute it for you a year later.

So what the hell are you waiting for already? 

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