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Posted by vigorous puppy

Chuck's April Feedback Of Workshop Submissions

Chuck Palahniuk reviews the April Writers' Workshop selections.Today we present not five, but six stories selected from our Workshop's April nominations and sent to Chuck.  Yes, Chuck's been gracious enough to up the ante and read our top six stories each month.

What does this mean for you?

Well, it means an even better chance of getting your story selected, read by Chuck, reviewed in a careful way that will shed insight and enhance your skills at self-editing, and ultimately, the opportunity to have a story of your own featured in our upcoming Anthology.

So, don't miss out.

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Then tap in and start learning immediately by reading Chuck's essays and by reading his reviews on the following stories:

Here for you now, are Chuck's Critiques of the 6 final selected stories from April:

Review of "Goddess" by moderino

Review of "Survived" by golding

Review of "After Calm, Storm" by corellion

Review of "True Love Waits" by jangofett555

Review of "Out of the Woods" by Camo

Review of "Lemming" by mavtj

Congratulations to all those included!  For everyone else, remember, don't miss out,

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Our next selections of top stories for Chuck are getting determined this week!  A group of 14 nominations getting narrowed to six finalists by Friday.  And we're getting some excellent help this month from special guest editor Stephen Graham Jones!

Be on the lookout for new finalists to get named soon with Chuck's reviews to follow in about two weeks.