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Posted by Dennis Needs An Assistant! (in the Bay Area)

The website needs an Assistant to help out with Merchandise.  Yes, the we have a Store feature.  It's not a big section and we don't make nearly enough to survive off, but it helps the site pay for server fees and whatnot, and it's a great way to promote Chuck's work.  Problem is, it's a ton of work for just one person and presently, that person is Mirka Hodurova, my longtime partner on the site.

So this person we choose for this Assistant position would be working directly with Mirka out of her apartment in Oakland, CA.

Here is what we are looking for in this position:

  • 1 person to be a merchandise assistant.
  • This person must live in or around the Oakland, CA area and be able to drive to Mirka's apartment.
  • This person will help out with folding shirts, organizing merchandise, doing Post Office runs, ordering supplies, packaging orders, and even filing orders with sites like and's 'Click 'N Ship'.
  • This person must be very organized and enthusiastic.

Other details:

  • This is a non-paying job (for now).  So you'd be doing this for your love of the website (you do love us, right??)
  • You are not working for Chuck Palahniuk.  Chuck has nothing to do with this position nor does he administer or work on the website himself.
  • You'd also be added to our Staff page, so this position would help out if you were looking to enhance your resume in anyway.
  • Mirka is notoriously generous too, so expect lots of free shirts, random books and a meal.  (and beer if you are over 21!)

If you'd like to apply for this position, please send us a passionate, awesome, clever email to telling us why you're the right person.  We're looking to fulfill this position by early July sometime.