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Posted by Dennis

Chuck Reviews The September Writer's Workshop Finalists

Chuck Palahniuk reviews the September 09 Writers Workshop finalists!It's less than a month before Chuck's new novel Tell-All hits stores and he embarks on his North American tour.  But with as busy as he is leading up to all this, he still found time in his schedule to read and review the September 2009 finalists.  As you know, this amazing experience in our Writer's Workshop began in February 2009 and closed at the end of January 2010.  During that time, writers had the opportunity to have their work seen by Chuck, as well as receive invaluable feedback and review.  It is Chuck's goal at the end of this process to pick the best stories from that time and have them published in a first ever Anthology. (Details here)  Chuck's name will go on the anthology as editor, he'll write the forward, and he's even spending his own personal time researching publishers for it right now.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for writers, ladies and gentleman.  The likes I've never seen matched by another author of Chuck's caliber and success.  And it's just the first!  That's right, you can expect more of these anthologies in the future, once we finish the first cycle of stories for Anthology 1. 

For today, let us celebrate the below 6 stories.  I had the opportunity to read them and let me just say that I think this was one of the strongest batch of finalists we've had yet.  So get ready to not just read Chuck's feedback and insights, but also some great writing.

If you have a story you'd like peer feedback on, or a novel you're working on that needs some fresh eyes, or you're just an amateur writer looking for a road that may lead to publication, look no further.

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