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Posted by Dennis

Chuck Reveals The Inspiration for His Upcoming Novel 'Beautiful You'

In his recent interview with VICE Magazine, Chuck talked about where the inspiration for his upcoming novel Beautiful You came from:

When I was little I was asked to get something from my parents closet, a pair of shoes or something. And I came away with these books that were called things like Girl on Girl Ranch Studsand Gestapo Pussy Ranch. They had these lurid covers, these really suggestive titles. I started reading them and they made no sense whatsoever. I couldn't understand anything that was happening in them but that's one of the things that made them so compelling. I finally took them to my mother and said, “What are these books about?” She was furious because apparently they were my fathers. But at the same time she was reading books, harlequin romances, that made no sense either. Their euphemisms were completely alien to me.

I thought, “What if you could write a kind of Marques de Sade pornography, really brutal stuff, but write it in the euphemisms of Barbara Cartland, so that you can depict these fantastically over the top things in soft focus ways.” It makes it really funny. Poorly written erotica is laugh-out-loud funny. That's next years book, Beautiful You. There's always the next thing.

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