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Posted by Dennis

Chuck Palahniuk's October Essay, "A Story from Scratch, Act One"

/workshop/chucks-essays-2008-34Apologies for posting this one late, but Chuck has something special for you today that I think you're all going to agree was worth the wait. For years now, fans have loved and coveted these essays Chuck provides the site, on how to improve your writing. But there's one aspect of his lessons that people have wished for the most:

For the next three essays I'll be presenting three drafts of a short story I'm writing for a Dark Delicacies anthology. Folks have been asking for this kind of in-progress demonstration. The first draft will be a day or two past Oct. 1st, but each draft will describe my process and choices -- and the finished, polished version will be out in the actual book.

Read Chuck's October Essay, A Story from Scratch, Act One

This is something incredibly unique. Something I don't think you'd see most bestselling authors ever offering their readers. Something so open and gracious, that it could be one of the best learning lessons from Chuck we've seen yet.

Chuck has committed to 1 year of these, so expect 2 more yet for 2008.  Also remember that, for the first month they are posted, these essays are only available to Premium Members.  Basic Members can view them one month later.  So come October 6th, this new essay will be available to all, free, for one month only. 

You can also now read the September Essay, Tell A Lie, Bury A Gun free here!

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