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Posted by Dennis

Chuck Palahniuk Starring In The Short Film 'Georgie's Big Break'

Chuck Palahniuk

Georgie's Big Break is a short film directed by Andy Mingo, based on a story by Monica Drake (Clown Girl).  And guess who's in it?  I'll give you a hint: his name is this website.  Yep, Chuck, along with a host of other local writers (Chelsea Caine, Lidi Yuknavitch) play themselves in the film.

Here's the IMDB summary for Georgie's Big Break:

Featuring Northwest literary stars Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club), New York Times bestselling author, Chelsea Cain (Heartsick), and Willy Vluatin (The Motel Life), Georgie's Big Break is about the high hopes of a single mother, a woman living the life of the body as she raises her infant. She makes a fresh foray back to the world of ideas through Portland's largest literary festival. With a mix of comedy and genuine emotion, this film offers a showcase of some of Portland's hottest talent. Based on a story written by Monica Drake (author of Clown Girl) and adapted and directed by Andy Mingo.

Andy is gearing up for the festival circuit, but the film is still listing as 'In Post Production' so I'm not sure yet where it's playing or where you can see it.  I was curious to get some words from Chuck himself on it though.  Here's what he had to say:

"Director Andy Mingo has made a film for everyone simultaneously attracted to and repelled by fame -- especially the fame of authors.  'Georgie's Big Break' is the literary world's answer to 'Lost in Translation'."

Well, there ya have it.  Props to Brandon Tietz for scooping this one for us.

For more on Georgie's Big Break, check out it's IMDB: