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Posted by Dennis

Chuck Palahniuk Interview In The May Issue Of Playboy

Chuck Palahniuk interview in the May issue of Playboy.I wanted to get this one up sooner, as the magazine has been on newstands for over a week now, but we've been sort of deluged by news updates lately.  (and the 'Pygmy' tour hasn't even started yet!).  Anyway, Chuck Palahniuk is the main interview in the May issue of Playboy, now out.

You might have heard me make mention once that we were interviewed as well.  This was actually the case, and the editors were going to include a full sidebar piece all about The Cult.  But last minute they had to cut it out, due to layout issues.  Oh well, at least we came close.

The full interview can only be read in the print magazine, but you can get a tease of it here:

Word is, it's a great interview.  Oh, and check out the new beard Chuck's sportin'.

More and more interviews and reviews for Chuck and Pygmy are going to be popping up in the coming weeks.  So if you have any you find that you' like to submit to our site, you may do so by emailing them our way.