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Posted by Dennis

Chuck Interview At GoodReads

Chuck Palahniuk, photographed by Chris SaundersChuck Palahniuk sat down for a refreshing interview with 

Chuck Palahniuk, the author of Fight Club, Choke, and Pygmy, slays topics like anarchy, terrorism, and serial killing with dissolute abandon. His new book, Tell-All, leaves sociopathic characters behind for even scarier prey—the celebrities of Hollywood. Delving into cutthroat star making and the life of infamously mendacious Lillian Hellman, the book also offers a challenge to die-hard Palahniuk readers: Are you man enough to read a book with a sparkly cover? The controversial writer says he hopes this book won't get him sued and explains why he's currently reading Judy Blume.

Goodreads: Your books are notorious for challenging notions of decency, which delights your fans and angers your critics. What in Tell-All will surprise your devoted readers and/or incense your detractors?

Chuck Palahniuk: Have you ever noticed that people who want to love a book before reading it will usually love it. Conversely, people who expect to hate a book will—voilà!—hate it. To circumvent this tendency I've arranged to have the actual paper pages of the book impregnated with mild amounts of cocaine, LSD, and Zoloft. Really, something for everyone. Plus, I wrote in oodles of sex. Dinner is served!

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