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Posted by Dennis

Chuck & Honest Abe... Separated At Birth?

Chuck & Honest Abe... Separated At Birth?

Gerry Howard, Chuck's long-time editor and friend, is definitely having a good time this week.  He emailed me, Chuck's agent, his publicist and some people at Random House with something fun the other day.  Shit, I'd say it's more than fun, it's downright uncanny!

Behold!  Chuck and Abraham Lincoln, side by side!

But it doesn't stop there.  Joe Gallagher over at Knopf was having such a good time with this, that he went and set up a Tumblr dedicated to the topic.  So also go check out:

If anyone wants to send us more funny comparisons like this, of Chuck side by side with our greatest American president, have at it! You can send them to