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Posted by Dennis

#CHOKE4SCARS Giveaway Winners!

We were feeling frisky last Friday and decided to have some fun on Twitter and Facebook.  It had been a while since we did any sort of photo contest.  The last one, which involved fans taking pictures of themselves as characters from the books as well as acting out scenarios, was a big success and winners got audiobook apps from Blackstone Audio.  

This time, things turned grisly.  The contest theme was to post pictures of your best scar. The five best scar winners get a Choke Tshirt!  So without further ado, here are your victims:

Entrant: Ashley Dawn
Open heart surgery

Entrant: Buckle Cameron
God knows what!

Entrant: @jimnorrisart
Foot meets lawnmower

Entrant: @JeffDFD
Liver transplant

Entrant: Leon England
Foot meets RPG

If we were awarding pictures of wounds, you'd lose your lunch right now.  To see what all the fuss is about, just go to!/search/choke4scars

Winners, if you're seeing this, contact me at Either way, I'll shoot you a DM on Twitter and send a message on Facebook, to get your shirt size, color preference, and address. 

Thanks for playing, everyone!