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Posted by Dennis

Choke Movie Begins Shooting!

Choke by Chuck PalahniukSome of those articles we saw appear online and on The Cult yesterday already mentioned this, but I have an inside scoop about the shooting of 'Choke' that began last week from someone who was actually there and witnessed it all.

From Angry Ritch (on MySpace):

The filming of Choke has begun as of this past Monday, 7/9. They filmed the strip club scenes in one day at the bar that I work in. As it was a closed set, I was not allowed to be present during the filming, even as an extra! It was filmed at 'Titillations' in Bloomfield, NJ; shooting wrapped at about 4:30 PM. They used some of our dancers as extras as well as our bartender. Apparently, the shoot went well and is in the can. I got a copy of the script for that day, as well as the location for the next shoot. It's in a sushi restraunt in Montclair NJ (right up the road) on Bloomfield Ave. Scenes shot in Victor's Apartment will also be shot in West Orange NJ. According to the crew, the release date is targeted for Fall 2008. Hope this brings some joy and smiles to the people looking for some info. I will say this, though: the crew were SHOCKED when they discovered that I've actually read 'Choke', as well as all of Chuck's other books! Be well and be safe.