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Posted by Dennis

'Burnt Tongues: An Anthology of Transgressive Stories' Is Finally Out!

'Burnt Tongues: An Anthology of Transgressive Stories'

Burnt Tongues: An Anthology of Short Stories is finally out in stores today! This book has been years in the making. I want to thank all of those that had a part in this book's creation over the years and stuck with us through the long periods with no updates. I also want to congratulate all the writers who have stories included in this: Neil Krolicki, Chris Lewis Carter, Gayle Towell, Tony Liebhard, Michael De Vito, Jr., Tyler Jones, Phil Jourdan, Richard Lemmer, Amanda Gowin, Matt Egan, Fred Venturini, Brandon Tietz, Adam Skorupskas, Bryan Howie, Brien Piechos, Jason M. Fylan, Terence James Eeles, Keith Buie, Gus Moreno and Daniel W. Broallt.

You all deserve to have your names on bookstore shelves around the world. This is your day!

Special shout-outs must go to our wonderful publishers Medallion Press (US) and Titan Books (UK), as well as the editing team over there of Emily Steele and Lorrie Popp Jones. As well as our own team of co-editor Richard Thomas, associate editor Mirka Hodurova, contributing readers, Kasey Carpenter, Mark Grover, and Johnathan Kabol. 

This is a book Chuck Palahniuk helped conceive, then nurtured and supported, then co-edited, then even wrote the damn introduction for. It's his passion project and it's finally available now. (Actually, it was leaked early and the first print run already sold out!) But it's officially out in stores today. So guy buy the damn thing and help support all of these wonderful writers!

You can buy it direct from Amazon here.

You can order it from Barnes & Noble and IndieBound here. 

You can read an introduction by Chuck Palahniuk for the anthology free and online here: 'The Power of Persisting: An Introduction'

And you can pre-order it from the UK here.

"Anyone looking for boundary-breaking tales that also pack a haunting, powerful punch will find hours of entertainment here." — Carl Hays, Booklist