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Posted by vigorous puppy

Bid On The Actual 'Fight Club' Yin-Yang Table To Benefit Homeless Pooches - SOLD!

Yin-Yang FIGHT CLUB coffee table

Update: The item was auctioned and won for $4,351.00! Congrats to the new owner of the table and for the good thing they did to support for these animals.

I just got an e-mail from Chuck asking that I let everyone know that The Pixie Project animal shelter, in Portland OR, is auctioning the actual Yin-Yang coffee table from Fight Club.  This is one of three tables that were used in the film.  The other two were (obviously) destroyed.  It was given to Chuck as a funny gift by David Fincher at the close of the film.

Bid on the table here:  - Auction Ended

All proceeds go to funding The Pixie Project, and help rescue dogs. 

This table has been in Chuck's office for the past 12 years and he's now ready to part with it for a worthy cause. Furthermore, if you live anywhere near the Portland area, there's a chance he'll come and help you set it up.

Watch this quick video for more:

Good luck!