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Posted by Dennis

Badass Fetish Model Masuimi Max Models Our Fight Club Shirt!

Masuimi Max modeling our 'Fight Club' Tshirt.  Photography by Laura ByrnesOne of my favorite things about running this website, is realizing, on a continuing basis, just how many people love the writing of Chuck Palahniuk.  This stretches across the board from regular everyday readers, college professors, celebrities and yes, even world renown fetish models.

Masuimi Max has been a staple in the fetish photography world for several years now.  She's the punk rock Dita Von Teese.  The real 'Suicide Girl'. She's done stage shows, been on dozens of magazine covers, and has even had small parts in David Lynch movies.  How cool is this chick!? 

Well, like most cool people, she's also a fan of Chuck Palahniuk.  So when I asked if she wouldn't mind us sending her one of our new 10th Anniversary 'Fight Club' shirts, she not only gobbled up the opportunity, but also agreed to model the shirt for her website But Masuimi went furtherand included the following blog on her site, forum, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter:

I am a HUGE fan of Chuck Palaunuik's work so I was thrilled when I was asked to take a photo in one of the 10th Anniversary shirts. When I got the email from the official Chuck Palahniuk website I just finished smoking a joint and had a total blonde moment and thought how do they know I am reading one of his books? ('Diary' is excellent!) My second thought was I hope this has nothing to do with 'Snuff' but then I finally clicked on the email after staring at it wondering what it could be about.. Luckily it was about my favorite book by Chuck, 'Fight Club'!!! I was so hooked on 'Fight Club' that I based my site design around it for a while. Apparently they remember that too which might have something to do with them getting in touch! If you love the book, love the movie, or just love smacking down, get the shirt!

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Because of this awesome gesture Masuimi did by not only modeling the shirt, but also promoting our site to all our fans, we want to repay the favor.  So we urge you all to check out Masuimi's official website at  You can also visit her on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

The above photo Masuimi modeled for us was taken by Laura Byrnes.  You can see more of Laura's work at her official MySpace page.

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