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Posted by Dennis

Awesomely Bizarre Artwork Inspired By 'The Nightmare Box'

Within Chuck Palahniuk's 2005 collection Haunted, many fans count The Nightmare Box as their favorite story.  The story is about a box people look into, that always shows the same image, yet drives the viewers insane and to commit suicide.

This story (maybe even more so than Guts) also seems to inspire the most creativity from fans, as evidenced by the slew of YouTube shorts online.  (here, here and here, to show a few) But now someone has taken this obsession up a notch with this amazing portrait.

Cassandra Saw portrait from 'The Nightmare Box', designed by Mike Flinn

The above work was painting by Mike Flinn.  Check out his website here.  And here are some words about the work, from the man himself:

The image is of a painting ("Cassandra Saw"  - oil on canvas, 30"X40", 2005) I did that was inspired by part of Mr. Palahniuk's Haunted.  I drew on the character Cassandra and situations described in portions of the book but namely from The Nightmare Box. The painting has been exhibited in three gallery shows since that time and has enjoyed much interest that gave me an opportunity to discuss Mr. Palahniuk's work with curious gallery patrons. I thought visitors to The Cult might dig seeing it.

Click the image to be brought to a higher rez version that you can then comment and rate.  And also be sure to check out our full Gallery for more inspiring work from you, the fans.  And as always, if you have some original work you'd like to send us, in the hopes that it may be featured on the site, you may do so at submissions @ chuckpalahniuk .net.