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Posted by Dennis

Audio: Listen to Rick Kleffel's Interview With Chuck During the Tell-All Tour

For nearly as many books as Chuck has written, journalist Rick Kleffel has conducted a thorough and enlightening audio interview with him for his site, The Agony Column Podcast.  While a little late this time around, Rick has just edited together his interview with Chuck that was recorded during last year's Tell-All tour.

Here's some words from Rick on the piece:

I spoke with Chuck in his hotel with a view of the San Francisco Bay behind him, as the tide went in under the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a pretty spectacular, but, in retrospect, having edited the damn interview — that too, turned out quite well. Chuck and I talked about the novel of course, and many of the themes it suggests; celebrity, and how we assemble our personalities out of bits kiped from our favorite performances, as it were, of those around us, or those we see.

Listen to the interview here!