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200 Proof Storytelling - Saint Valentine's Session Goes Live

Craig Clevenger's 200 Proof Storytelling class

Registration Deadline Today!

Craig Clevenger returns for 200 Proof Storytelling - one of our most popular intensive writing classes to date. This class combines the best of his famed Hotseat and Shotgun sessions into a single four-week Master Class. If you missed the chance to study with Craig previously, or you'd like a pure grain refresher course, give yourself the Valentine's Day gift that will keep on giving.

Beyond that load of chocolate, the extra pounds, and the brief romantic buzz, you've got a chance to join us for something substantial and lasting: an early spring commitment that will forever strengthen your prose and refine your storytelling ability.

This class starts up on February 8th.  Seats for this will be limited so...

Enroll Today

Within this course you'll get:

  • A unique & powerful lecture-assignment combo each week
  • Loads of peer critique and interaction
  • Direct commentary from Craig on at least two of your submissions
  • Ongoing feedback and support
  • Straight answers to your most pressing craft questions
  • Wicked new insights into a pro writer's trade secrets

Craig's exclusive lectures have been shaped through years of experience and road-tested through previous intensives... these are "road" scholar dissertations that run into the thousands of words but are so engaging and fun to read, you'll be amazed … each lecture charged with wisdom, experience, and insight into the writer’s craft, and carried along by the energy and wit of an author who practices what he preaches.

What’s more… each of Craig’s lectures provides a handful of unique and specific tools that function together as an interlocking set.  You'll get a new edge as we put together a genuine toolbox of functional synergistic ideas that work together as a system to strengthen your prose… yet without dictating the subtle nuances of voice or style.

Finally, this is your chance to learn directly from one of our most popular and sought-out authors and master teachers.  

200 Proof Storytelling combines the vital elements of Craig Clevenger's renowned Hotseat and Shotgun courses into a single, packed, powerful, four-week intensive class, an exclusive to ... where you'll get the following golden keys:

  • Harness the power of Status Play to create Dynamic Scenes
  • Transform your dialogue into a microcosm of Dramatic Conflict
  • Learn the crucial balance of verbal and non-verbal exchanges
  • Explore and create Events - the building blocks of your story
  • Overcome the most common problem for all writers: what happens next?
  • Master self-editing skills as you examine the weight of each word

What's more, you'll get...

  • Loads of interaction and direct feedback on your work
  • New understanding of how all the pieces fit together
  • Access to the street-level psychology of a riveting Story
  • Discover how to tap the driving force between your characters

Craig’s classes tend to fill up within 48 hours from the first announcement--leaving a substantial waiting list behind.  Don't miss your chance to join us for...

200 Proof Storytelling!!
A four-week writing intensive with Craig Clevenger from February 8th through March 7th, 2011

Register Today for 200 Proof Storytelling!!

The celebrated author of The Contortionist’s Handbook and Dermaphoria will divide his spring schedule between his upcoming novel and… you. 

You’ll get everything that was offered in previous sessions and more…

But first… don’t simply take my word for it…

Read what participants of Craig's previous intensives have to say:

"Craig Clevenger is a stone cold genius. The mental weight lifting, the emotion of his work, and the way he pulls it out of you, with kindness and a strong hand, is truly a gift. With his help I was reborn as a writer: in three years I published 20+ stories, won two contests, and finally got my first novel, Transubstantiate, out into the world. I wrote "Stillness" in one of his intensives, and it's now being published in Shivers VI with Stephen King and Peter Straub. Take his class. I took it twice."
—Richard Thomas, Chicage, USA

"Clevenger's Intensive exceeded my (impossibly high) expectations; I have learned everything I hoped to and much more. I will be poring over written lectures as entertaining and at least as informative as his fiction until every useful morsel is burned into my brain. Extensive (and brutally honest) peer reviewing and critiques from Clevenger himself have really helped me to step up my craft and polish my stories. I've met brilliant writers here who I hope to keep in touch with. You just can't get a learning experience like this anywhere else. For me, it was everything that college was not."
- Casey F., Washburn, WI, USA

"For someone struggling inside his own head to figure out how a story works, the Craig Clevenger intensive delivered on every level. Where else are you going to get unfiltered access to the lessons and personalized critique of not only a published author, but a published author you respect? Who could you learn from best, someone who has a lifetime of theory and no practice; or someone who followed their passion, made it work, and created something new and purely theirs? If you missed the Craig Clevenger intensive, you missed an incredible learning experience. Don't miss the next one!"
- Dave H., Dublin, Ireland

"This intensive has been a turning point for my writing. A price cannot be put on the knowledge and confidence I've come away with."
- Gary L., Middletown, CT

"The Will Christopher Baer and Craig Clevenger Intensives provided me with an array of tools to hone and enhance my writing skills. Each week of both workshops were an inside look at not only the common problem areas of writing, but also the mechanics that make up an effective, solid story."
-Chris D., Boston, USA

Don’t delay... Register Today for 200 Proof Storytelling!!