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Dave Cullen, Author of 'Columbine'

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Dave Cullen, Author of 'Columbine'

A Four Part Video Interview With The Author of 'Columbine'
Kasey Carpenter
Dave Cullen

One of the best non-fiction books I have read in a long time, is Dave Cullen's Columbine.  Released last year, the book went on to become a New York Times bestseller.  But what it also did was clear up a lot of the gray smoke still shrouding the 1999 school shooting at Columbine High.  For years, the media had gotten the story drastically wrong and has depicted Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold's motives incorrectly.  Dave Cullen was one of the first reporters on the scene that day, but what set him apart was that he was not associated with any media 'pack' (CNN, Fox, etc).  Instead, he was freelancing at the time for   This important detail, and the fact that he spent close to ten years researching and then writing the book, make Columbine the most definitive exploration into the Columbine tragedy that exists.

For our interview, Kasey Carpenter,  longtime Workshop member turned journalist, flew out to Denver, CO to visit with Dave at his writing studio.  Dave, being a burgeoning enthusiast for video, set up his handy HD flip and over the course of four 10-14 min segments talked about everything from the media, to the killers, to even the publishers that released the book.

Below are the four segments of the entire interview.  We had to set up a brand new Vimeo account to house all these, as YouTube won't let you go past 10 mins clips unless you're the Whitehouse.  Enjoy!

Interview W/ "Columbine" Author Dave Cullen, Part 1 (4) - "Why Columbine?"


Interview W/ "Columbine" Author Dave Cullen, Part 2 (4) - "12 Books"


Interview W/ "Columbine" Author Dave Cullen, Part 3 (4) - "The Media"


Interview W/ "Columbine" Author Dave Cullen, Part 4 (4) - "Advice For Writers"

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