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Posted by mirka

Win A Bunch Of TELL-ALL Publicity Posters!

Doubleday needs YOUR help choosing which 50s-style movie poster to produce for Tell-All

And to thank you for your help, they are offering 50 (FIFTY!) fans a quantity of the winning poster!  This means that you don't get just one Tell-All poster, but a bunch that you can share with friends that are also Chuck fans. How cool is that? All About Eve

How to enter to win:

  1. Please review the following link carefully, and vote accordingly! Doubleday  is looking for a very specific type of poster as detailed in that link. (There are a lot of great posters, but not all are following the criteria.)
  2. Vote!
  3. Send one email!

- The subject line of the email should have the artist's name (It is below the posters).

- The body of the email should contain your full name and mailing address. (Your email may be disqualified if you don't follow those directions)

- Only one email entry per person and no amendments or do-overs

Email to:

How the winners will be chosen:

IMPORTANT: The winners will be chosen randomly. The winning poster will not necessarily be the one with the most "hearts" i.e. votes.

Now this is the tricky part...if enough people vote for the poster that IS chosen, 50 people will be randomly selected to get posters that voted for that one.

If Doubleday goes with a poster that didn't get the most votes, 50 people will be chosen at random, just for participating! So DO vote, and DO choose your vote carefully!


Check out the posters here and vote!

Pre-Order Chuck Palahniuk's 2010 novel 'Tell All' today!

Pre-Order Chuck Palahniuk's 2010 Novel 'Tell All' Today!

Check out the Tell-All  posters and VOTE!