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Doubleday's 'Tell-All' Q&A With Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk

14 questions for Chuck Palahniuk, author of
FIGHT CLUB, CHOKE and this year’s outrage, TELL-ALL.

Question: A casual observer might be surprised at the depth of knowledge of 50’s-era movies that you display in TELL-ALL.  Where does this come from?

Chuck Palahniuk:  That vast wealth of 50's film info comes from my editor, Gerry Howard (who has a life-long crush on Gene Tierney, so feel free to tease him about it.  He still carries her photo inside his wallet). Originally I'd written TELL-ALL chock-a-block with references to silent movie stars from the 'teens and 1920's, but Gerry thought they were too, too esoteric and forgotten.  Ask me anything about silent movies -- did you know that Lon Chaney was such a brilliant master of gesture because both his parents were deaf and mute -- and I will bore you with trivia until you weep like a little girl.

Q: What is your favorite movie of that time, and why?

CP:  Anything by Douglas Sirk.  All I have to do is hear the opening strains of Earl Grant singing the theme to "Imitation of Life" and I collapse into a quivering heap.  Susan Kohner throwing herself across her dead mother's casket... that's movie magic!

Posted by Dennis

Chuck's 'Tell-All' Events In Spain

For those of you living on and around the Iberian Peninsula, Chuck has a few events coming up next week in Spain.

First up, Chuck will be appearing at The Festival in Bilbao on April 19th. At 20:30 that day, Chuck will be sitting down in a large auditorium to partake in a live conversation about Tell-All, with its Spanish language translator, Javier Calvo.

More details on the event here