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'Survivor' T-shirts Are Now Taking Off - Pre-Order Period Over!

'Survivor' T-shirts Are Now Taking Off - Pre-Order Starts Today!

Update 3/1/13: The pre-order period has ended. The print order will now be made and shirts should begin shipping mid March.  For those who didn't pre-order, keep an eye out, as we will have a small amount of overage in select sizes. 

Our new T-shirt features Creedish death cult survivor Tender Branson, dressed to the nines in his evangelist, false prophet garb, strung up like a puppeted martyr over the image of a 747. Welcome to the wonderful and deranged world of one of Chuck Palahniuk's most celebrated novels, Survivor. The design is by Mondo artist Jay Shaw.

Here is a closer look at the shirt:

'Survivor' T-shirt

Click here for a close-up of the design

The inks on this shirt are water based, which means you won't feel like you're wearing a giant decal on your chest. The shirt color is 'New Silver,' which is almost like a soft grey. It's a unisex American Apparel 50/50 polycotton shirt. The fabric is very soft, very light and extremely comfortable.

Shipping Info

This is a pre-order.  It will run until Feb 28th. Then our design will be sent to the printer. Shirts will then begin shipping in mid March. So all in all, expect a 4-6 week wait for your shirt.  We ship Priority mail.  

Limited Ed. 'Survivor' Poster - Coming Soon!

Want A 'Survivor' Poster?

In a few weeks time, the artist Jay Shaw will be offering a poster of this design, seen in our gallery to the right or by clicking here.  There will be a limit of only 100 of these posters and they will cost $20.39 (same flight number Tender takes!).  So stay tuned and we will post a link on where to buy these posters once they become available. You might also try following Jay on Twitter to make sure you don't miss out!  


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Romanian Book Covers

Ever wonder what Chuck's books look like in Romania? Wonder no more!

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'Survivor' iPhone Audiobook App Winners

Today we select the first 5 winners in the Survivor iPhone Audiobook App giveaway.  We want to thank Blackstone Audio for sponsoring this promo.  They were nice enough to donate 10 redemption codes that let people download the app from iTunes for free. If you haven't yet checked them out, you should head over to their site and see just how well made this app is.