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Posted by Dennis

Chuck Palahniuk On Shoplifting

This was recorded from Borders 1, while in Ann Arbor, MI, for Chuck's 'Snuff' tour. Chuck explains how to prevent stock shrinkage by teaching fans the best books to steal! Hysterical.

Posted by Dennis

Chuck Is Reading In NYC! With Moderator, Amy Hempel! SOLD OUT!

Chuck Palahniuk reading at The Strand in NY, with moderator Amy Hempel!  August 30th!

UPDATE: You can pre-order signed copies of all of Chuck’s books on our site and view the event live on STRAND TV

You'll remember that Chuck had to cancel his stop in New York last minute for his recently ended 'Snuff' tour.  You'll also remember that Chuck promised his fans he would make it up to them as soon as he could.  Well, that day has come.

I just heard from Chuck's publicist and it's official: Chuck will be reading at The Strand on August 30th.  And Amy Hempel will be the moderator of the event!  Here are the hard details:

Chuck Palahniuk at The Strand (NYC)
August 30th, 1pm
*Event is limited to 125 people.
**Tickets have to be purchased, but this guarantees a signed copy of SNUFF (like they did last year with RANT)

Purchase Tickets Here!

Tickets include a personalized copy of SNUFF and a Strand tote bag. Also, Todd has requested that the fans are able to also have two other Chuck Palahniuk books signed, that don't have to be bought at The Strand.

The events coordinator at The Strand was going to send out a big eblast to their newsletter tomorrow morning at 8am, announcing the event and ticket info.  But Chuck's publicist asked her to wait until Saturday so we could give you all the news first.


Posted by Dennis

Chuck Is Reading In Seattle, WA Tuesday Night!

UPDATE: Here is the website for the event with more info!

It seems Chuck is doing a reading event in Seattle tomorrow (Tuesday) night at the University of Washington.

Tuesday night, July 29th
7 pm at Kane Hall
The University of Washington campus

Posted by Dennis

Snuff Tour: European Dates At Last!

"Snuff" European Tour DatesAt last, we have some European Snuff tour dates coming up.  There's not that many but then again, Chuck has never really been able to do a full blown overseas tour.  So be happy that he's able to do any at all.  Here are the details:

Camden Roundhouse
Tuesday 12th August, 8pm

Tickets £6.00
Available from Borders Islington or the Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road NW1

Posted by Dennis

Chuck Palahniuk Signs & Inscribes SNUFF At St. Helens Book Shop!

'Snuff' by Chuck PalahniukUpdate: St. Helen's is shipping more signed 'Snuff' books this week.  They have a cut off time for the next batch of orders of Wednesday, 6/11/08 at 10am Pacific Time.  This is so that we can best prepare for the orders, and reorder Thursday, if need be.  

Our favorite affiliates, and friends to The Cult, St. Helens Book Shop, are accepting orders for Chuck Palahniuk's newest book SNUFF.  Chuck will be stopping by the store soon to sign and personally inscribe all orders that come through the site before the cut-off time.

Order Your Signed & Inscribed Copy of SNUFF today!

The way this works is: You should get your order in as soon as possible.  Then, on the order form, you write down exactly how you'd like your book inscribed.  When Chuck arrives to the store, he fulfills all the orders, and then St. Helens promptly ships them to you.

Posted by Dennis

SNUFF Tour: Reading In Austin, TX!

"Snuff" by Chuck PalahniukChuck will be wrapping up his US tour for Snuff in Austin, TX tonight.  I did receive word from Chuck's agent last night that there will be a few select stops in Europe soon.  Once I have those dates, I'll post them here.

Thursday, June 5 – Austin, TX
Book People
Interview, Q&A, signing offsite @
Offsite address TBD
*Interviewer: Pat Beach, book reviewer for the Austin Statesman

For any of you attending, please take plenty of pictures and submit them to us here!  You can also use this thread to type up your accounts of the reading tonight! 

Last, please remember these specific instructions on how the signing is going to work at each store.