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Invisible Monsters


Posted by Dennis

Amazing 'Invisible Monsters' Art

'Invisible Monsters' Art

I caught this in our Twitter feed the other day and was compelled to contact the person who posted it to see a larger version.  And I'm glad I did, because this is stunning.

The artist is PC Siqueira.  You can see more of his work on his deviantArt page.

Posted by Dennis

OMG! WANT! Fan-Made 'Invisible Monsters' Shoes

an-Made 'Invisible Monsters' Shoes

First thing's first: No, these are not for sale.  Secondly: Why the hell not!?  If Nike can pimp Marty McFly's kicks, why shouldn't they be able to flaunt some Brandy Alexander leather?

Here's what our talented designer, 'Shane' (the Dez!gner online), had to say about his creation:

Posted by Dennis

Fan Artwork: 'Invisible Monsters' and 'Rant'

Some pretty cool artwork today from 'Hanna.'  First one is Invisible Monsters.  The other is from Rant.  Click each one below to see a larger version and to rate it.

Designed by Hanna

Posted by Dennis

An Update On The 'INVISIBLE MONSTERS' Film - Director Attached

'Invisible Monsters' Movie News

Earlier this week I got an update from Cameron MacLaren, the producer who owns the option on the Invisible Monsters movie adaptation.  Today, Cameron made the news public by way of a newsletter blast.  Check out below for some updates on the production, including someone officially sitting in the director's chair.

Dear Fans of Invisible Monsters,

Posted by Dennis

Fan Artwork: 'Invisible Monsters' Book Cover

Check out this awesome book cover for Invisible Monsters designed by Elyse Boutall.  This was part of an art project where Elyse had to read the book and then create a book cover illustration for it.  See a high res version of Elyse' design here.  And check out more of her work on her official site.