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Fugitives & Refugees


Fugitives & Refugees Quotes

"It's the thin blue line versus the fat red line".
"LSD was lysergic acid diethylamide. A simple alkaloid. Just another chemical. It was science."
"Now my role is to give the lead singer... a come-hither look and make love to her in the meat locker."
"Up the back of the dress, you can see thick black tire treadmarks that suggest a very ominous end to some prom night."
"Our every exhale is a lie."
Posted by Dennis

Fan Artwork: Fight Club, Snuff & Pygmy Dust Jackets

Over the years we've received some great Chuck Palahniuk inspired artwork from fans. Banners, portraits, and of course book covers.  But it's the fans that go the extra mile and actually design the entire dust jacket of their favorite Palahniuk book, that light me up.  Here are three by Ben Perry, as well as an explanation from the designer below.