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Posted by Dennis

New Short Story 'Zombie' In The November Playboy

Chuck Palahniuk short story 'Zombie' in Playboy magazine

Chuck has a new short story called 'Zombie' in the November 2013 issue of Playboy magazine.

Playboy, November 2012, featuring 'Zombies' by Chuck PalahniukIf you're a confident looking non-pervert, head to your local newstand to pick up a copy today.

Here's what Chuck had to say about the story:

Posted by Dennis

Chuck's DOOMED Pajama Party Tour - UK Dates!

Chuck Palahniuk

The US, Canadian, and UK portions of Chuck's Doomed Pajama Party Tour have now ended.  Please check our Twitter and Facebook for tons of photos and fan recaps. And keep an eye on this page for any random dates that pop up in-between now and the release of Chuck's 2014 novel, Beautiful You.


12th Nov: LAUNCH: White Heat Presents… at Madame Jojo’s, Soho - Ticket Info

13th Nov: Foyles, Charing Cross, London – SOLD OUT - Ticket Info

14th Nov: Antony Burgess Foundation, Manchester – SOLD OUT - Ticket Info
and Off The Shelf at The Showroom, Sheffield - Ticket Info

15th Nov:  Humber Mouth Festival, Hull - headlining - Ticket Info

16th Nov: Duke of Yorks After Dark, Brighton, FIGHT CLUB movie screening w/ Q&A - Ticket Info

18th Nov: 5x15 at The Tabernacle, London - Ticket Info

19th Nov: Bookslam at Clapham Grand, London - Ticket Info

Posted by Dennis

A Message From Chuck For The DOOMED 'Adult Bedtime Stories' Tour - UPDATED!

Chuck Palahniuk's 'Adult Bedtime Stories'

Updated October 7th with a new rule!

Chuck emailed me the other day with a couple rules for the events of his upcoming DOOMED 'Adult Bedtime Stories' tour.  Read on:

Chuck Sez:  The First Rule of the 'Doomed' Tour is You Wear Your Favorite Pajamas.  Gummy Flannel Bathrobes ala Tyler Durden?  Baby Dolls?  Flannel or silk?  Wear it.  Fuzzy slippers?  Teddy Bears?  Bring them!

The Second Rule of the 'Doomed' Tour is You Must Wear Your Favorite Pajamas.  I will.  Join me in my foolishness.