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Chuck Palahniuk Bibliography

Chuck Palahniuk.  Photo by Jim Clark

Photo by Jim Clark

Below is a comprehensive bibliography of all of Chuck Palahniuk’s original published and unpublished works with source and release dates. The list includes novels, short fiction, advance chapters and non-fiction essays. For articles and interviews about Palahniuk, please visit our Media section or our individual Book pages in the Works section. A brief explanation of editions and terms for the budding Palahniuk collector follow.

Note: Many of the non-fiction pieces below are featured in Chuck's anthology book Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories, but appear so under alternate names. The names we include below are the titles the pieces had at the time of their original publication.

'Zombie' by Chuck Palahniuk

Most Recent Work

Playboy 2013, featuring 'Zombies' by Chuck Palahniuk"Expedition" - Read it here! (May 2015)

"Zombie" - Read it here!
Playboy (November 2013)

"Cannibal" - Read it here!
Playboy (May 2013)

Byliner, Amazon Kindle Single (February 13, 2013)

Blackstone Audio (June 2012)


Bait: Off-Color Stories For You To Color
Adult Coloring Book / Short Story collection (October 25, 2016) - Dark Horse Comics

Fight Club 2
Graphic Novel (June 28, 2016) - Dark Horse Comics

Make Something Up (Stories)
Hardcover (May 26, 2015) - Doubleday

Beautiful You
Hardcover (October 21, 2014) - Doubleday

Hardcover (October 8, 2013) - Doubleday

Invisible Monsters Remix
Hardcover (2012) - WW Norton

Hardcover (2011) - Doubleday

Hardcover (2010) - Doubleday

Hardcover (2009) - Doubleday

Hardcover (2008) - Doubleday

Hardcover (2007) – Doubleday

Hardcover (2005) – Doubleday

Hardcover (2003) – Doubleday

Hardcover (2002) – Doubleday

Hardcover (2001) – Doubleday

Hardcover (1999) - WW Norton
New Edition released in 2010

Invisible Monsters
Trade Paperback (1999) - WW Norton
Note: never released in hardcover.

Fight Club
Hardcover (1996) - WW Norton
New Edition with Foreword by the Author (2004)

Insomnia: If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Already
(Early 90s) – Unpublished

Short Fiction

"Knock Knock"
Playboy, (December 2010)
*Read on 2010 Tell-All tour
Watch Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3

Stories, Edited by Neil Gaiman, (2010)
*Read on 2008 Snuff tour
Watch Part 1 & Part 2

Dark Delicacies III (2009)

"Live Like You're Dying"
Men's Health (March 2010)

"Case Study Operative:  Family Bears"
Unpublished (May 2009)
*Read on 2009 Pygmy tour

"Case Study Operative:  Witch"
Unpublished (May 2009)
*Read on 2009 Pygmy tour

"Case Study Operative:  Cloaked Operative"
Unpublished (May 2009)
*Read on 2009 Pygmy tour

Best Life (September 2007)

"Cold Calling"
Unpublished (May 2007)
*Read on 2007 Rant tour

"Love Nest"
Unpublished (May 2007)
*Read on 2007 Rant tour

"Mr. Elegant"
Spike Magazine (December 2006)
An exclusive short story about a male stripper who has an 'accident' while dancing on stage.

"Slumming", Haunted, (May 2005)
Another chapter/short story in Chuck's horror collection, Haunted.

Playboy magazine, (May 2005)
Another chapter/short story in Chuck's horror collection, Haunted.

"Punch Drunk"
Playboy magazine, (March 2005)
The next available chapter/short story in Chuck's horror collection, Haunted.

Playboy magazine, (March 2004)

"Negative Reinforcement"
Modern Short Stories, (August 1990)
First known published work in the now defunct literary journal Modern Short Stories.

"The Love Theme of Sybil and William"
Modern Short Stories, (October 1990)
Second known published work in the now defunct literary journal Modern Short Stories.

"Fight Club"
Pursuit of Happiness Anthology, Blue Heron, 1995
First appearance of Fight Club in print, a short story preceding the Norton hardcover novel by one year.

"Project Mayhem"
Story Magazine, 1996
Chapter 16 of the novel Fight Club.

Story Magazine, 1997
Excerpt from the novel of the same title. Chapter 31. Minor differences. The caseworker’s name is added.

Playboy Magazine, June 2000
Choke excerpt.

"Cruising Altitude"
Playboy Magazine, January 2001
Choke excerpt, Chapter 40.

"Sleep", 09/18/2002
Lullaby excerpt.

Best American Erotica 2003
Touchstone Books, 2003
Choke excerpt, Chapter 2.


Slaves and Saviours: What One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Taught Me
Guardian Unlimited Film, May 2005
An analysis by Chuck of Ken Kesey's 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'.

A Church Of Stories - Registration Required, April 2005
An essay by Chuck about the importance of telling stories as therapy.

The Guts Effect, Haunted, May 2005
Chuck's in-depth account of the 67 faintings that have already occurred worldwild as a result of his short story 'Guts'.

Mock Spread
BlackBook Magazine, Dec/Jan 2005
Chuck's got a full spread featuring a mock ad that links back to this very website.

Keno Girl
Las Vegas Weekly, Feb 12 - 18, 2004
Part One of a 3 part Special Feature in which Chuck details some of the eccentric personalities of Las Vegas. In this first part, Chuck interviews a modern day "vampire."

Demolition Derby
Playboy magazine, January 2004
Chuck writes an essay about the demolition derbies in the 50th Anniversary issue of Playboy.

Mortification: Writers' Stories of Their Public Shame
Fourth Estate, 2003 (UK release)
Fourth Estate, 2004 (US release)
Essay collection with a piece by Palahniuk recounting a wild book signing.

Black Book magazine, Fall 2003
Chuck dresses up as a giant Dalmatian and goes shopping in Seattle out of protest life spent writing and masturbating in the dark.

Now I Remember, April 2002
Chuck's amusing relation and thoughts on the cult movie Memento.

Fright Club
The Independent, Oct 13th, 2002
Chuck recounts a recent party his friends threw at a haunted house where some professional psychics that they had invited revealed some haunting revelations about Chuck's murdered father. This is one of Chuck's best memoirs yet.

She Breaks Your Heart
LA Weekly, Sep 20-26, 2002
Chuck talks passionately about his favorite writer, Amy Hempel. Not only is this a heartfelt piece from an obvious fan, but at the same time Chuck gives you a brief lesson in the art of his writing style, minimalism. (check out more Amy Hempel here)

Freak Speak, Lullaby, Fall 2002
Chuck speaks candidly about his inspiration for writing Lullaby.

Dog Culture
The Lyons Press, 2002
Essay Collection with a piece by Palahniuk on Rescue dogs.

Monkey Think, Monkey Do
Gear magazine, Dec 2001
An examination of society's reaction to over-protection from our government, in the face of such events as 9/11's tragedy.

The View From Smalltown, USA
The Sunday Herald, Fall 2001
Chuck's response to the attacks of 9/11 on the World Trade Center.

A Castle To Live In
Portland Mercury, Feb 2001
Chuck writes about an ancient castle close to where he grew up that he hopes to take over and set up as a community/haven for writers.

American Goth
Gear magazine, Dec/Jan 2001
Chuck interviews controversial Rock demi-God Marilyn Manson using a deck of tarot cards to reflect on his place in modern music today.

Extreme Behavior
Gear magazine, Oct 2001
Chuck visits and reports from the annual Montana Testicle Festival.

Brinksmanship, Choke, Fall 2001
New essay from Chuck where he writes about old friends, cockroach-infested bars and cancer.

Juliette: The French Way
Black Book magazine, Fall 2001
Chuck interviews actress Juliette Lewis about her career, views on Hollywood and a starring role in the Christopher McQuarrie film Way of the Gun.

The Backlash Movie: What's Missing From Jesus' Son
Portland Mercury, July 2000
Chuck's review of the movie adaptation of one of his favorite books, Jesus' Son.

Sleepless In London: Advice For the Just-Famous Author
Portland Mercury, Nov 2000
A very entertaining piece Chuck wrote that playfully instructs writers on the dangers and pleasures of becoming a best-selling author.

Hope and Gory
Gear magazine, Oct 2000
An in-depth look at the world of Olympic wrestling try-outs. Think the boys of WWF have it rough? Think again.

Massive Attack
Gear magazine, Sep 2000
Chuck writes a very heartfelt, sarcastic and somewhat amusing account of his life with steroids and the friends it took from him. Is the price of testosterone worth it?

Navy Submarine
Nest magazine, Fall 2000Nest magazine, Fall 2000
Chuck's spends the weekend on a trident nuclear submarine. Take a guided tour with the man as he explores the depths of the US Louisiana.

I Made Most Of It Up, Honest
LA Times. Sep 12th, 1999
Perhaps the most deeply, personal reflection Chuck has ever written about the impact Fight Club the movie, his sudden stardom and the recent death of his father.

Bikini magazine, Spring 1999
A very touching, heartfelt essay Chuck wrote about his job, working as an "escort" to terminal victims at a hospice.

Origami Lips
Black Book magazine, Spring 1999
A very amusing and bizarre account Chuck wrote of his obsession with Brad Pitt's lips and his solution to purchase a "lip enhancer." Also details his amusing adventures on set with Fincher and friends.

Full Length Non-Fiction

Fugitives & Refugees: A Walk Through Portland, Oregon
(July 2003) - Crown Publishing

Stranger than Fiction
(June 2004) - Doubleday
Trade Paperback (May 2005)
Collection of non-fiction pieces.

Earliest Known Work?

Yes, yes, we all know that Insomnia: If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now is Chuck's earliest manuscript (read more here), but as for his earliest known writing? Mr. Olsen, Chuck's fifth grade teacher, passed this onto a librarian in Burbank, Washington who was kind enough to forward it to the Cult. (Thanks again John!)

And what does Chuck have to say about Mr. Olsen?

"Mr. Olsen in the fifth grade made me want to be a writer. He said, 'Chuck, you do this really well. And this is much better than setting fires, so keep it up'. That made me a writer."

 A Fifth Grade Poem by Chuck Palahniuk.
*A fifth grade poem by Chuck

Previous Titles

Fight Club was once Project Mayhem
was once Natural Disasters
Invisible Monsters was once Manifesto
Choke was once Fly the Friendly Skies
Diary was once Period Revival

Notes on Editions and Collectibles

What is an Edition?
An edition represents all printings of the book with one typeset and with no significant changes between those printings. A hardcover is a different edition than a paperback.

What is a Printing?
A single printing or "run" of an edition. For example: The first print of the hardcover Fight Club was 10,000 copies. After the movie became popular, WW Norton printed another batch of hardcover copies. These are the second print. Fight Club is now in its third print and is available through for $16.77. Don’t get ripped off!

How do you know which print you have?
Look on the copyright page. If the number line at the bottom reads 1234567890, this is a first print. If the number line reads 234567890; this is a second print .If the number line reads 34567890; this is a third print.

Fight Club - Third Printing

Which is the most valuable book to own?
Generally it is the author’s first book. That’s definitely the case with Chuck. Fight Club first edition, first prints go for $80-100, unsigned.

 Fight Club hardcover.

What are ARC or Advance Reading Copies?

Galley Proof: The first version of a book printed by the publisher (not the author's manuscript). It has especially wide margins for the agent, editor, publisher, and author to write comments. These are very rarely make it to the collector's market.

Bound Uncorrected Proof: The first bound version of the book, always paperback, and may have preliminary cover art or just look like the "bastard title" page. It is used primarily to find spelling, logic, and punctuation errors by a wider group of people than the galley proof. Note: Jonathan Cape (British Publisher), and a few others do not, to my knowledge, issue ARCs, but only uncorrected proofs for the same purpose.

 Advanced Readers Copy of Invisible Monsters

Advance Reading Copy: Paperback, usually with final cover art, and is sent to reviewers, other media types, and salespeople. The salespeople then distribute the ARC to bookstores for the owners and employees to read, and if they like it they will promote it more heavily than other books.

(Please note that on places like eBay people use these terms interchangeably)

Where can I find collectible books?
Try some of these sources: AbeBooks and eBay!

Where can I find out more?
There are several good books on the subject. The following come highly recommended:

Book Finds: How to Find, Buy, and Sell Used and Rare Books by Ian C. Ellis
The Pocket Guide to the Identification of First Editions by Bill McBride

Special thanks to:

 TastesLikeChicken for providing the section on ARCs and for his book recommendations. Jason Donnelly (PSUonTAP) for finding Chuck's earliest known published stories and establishing which excerpts were published as short stories.

Suggestions, corrections and feedback are welcome. Please email to: